Saturday, March 29, 2014

Something New for Us ...

Our son, Jeff, came home one afternoon a couple of months ago and said he had a "deal" for us.  So off we went to see what he had found this time (he's always finding stuff on Craigslist and other places).  Well, look what he found!

And, yep, it was a deal ... one too good to pass up.  So we're the proud owners of a 1997 27-foot fifth wheel.  We had talked a bit about getting one someday and getting out on the desert in the winter or maybe heading to the mountains for some cool days during the summer heat here in Lake Havasu.  But it was nothing serious.  However, when you mention something to Jeff, he's off and running and I think he really enjoys the hunt.  And he's usually quite successful.

But we had a problem.  We have a big one-car boat-deep garage.  That means it holds one car because the garage is only two cars wide and there is a set of four stairs entering the house so the car has to be pulled in toward the middle of the garage (not perfect planning there).  But since it's boat deep on one half that is where my husband has his workbench, etc.  But due to some family deaths this past year we have eight cars and trucks and two boats between the three of us!  Now we have added a fifth wheel with no place to park it. Just so you don't think we are hoarders a number of those vehicles are for sale.

So that meant we had to do this first ... build a new addition to the driveway! Oh, how one thing leads to another.  Then we had to shovel 8 tons of stone into the back yard for the RV to park on.  Oh, my aching back!

So finally, after six weeks, the RV is home in our yard. And I get to play -- which means I get to clean and polish and stock the cabinets, etc.  Still, it is kind of fun.  It is in great shape and was very clean so although I am a neat freak (most of the time) the cleaning was pretty easy.

The oak doors on the cabinets throughout the unit were dry from the hot AZ desert weather so I found Scott's Liquid Gold and went to town.  Look at the difference in the before and after.  This stuff is great!

And here are some interior pictures ...

We lived on a 44 foot sailboat for five years so this seems quite spacious with its high ceilings and big windows.  Now we have to learn to tow and park it!  Hmmm ... this should be interesting.  Guess if I can park a 16 ton sailboat I should be able to park a 27 foot fifth wheel.  I took both my sons to parking lots on Sunday mornings to teach them to drive, park, go into a skid, etc. so now my son is going to do the same thing with me.  Aren't kids great!

Til next time,