Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Remembering ...

Those who served and sacrificed.  And their families.

And those who are serving today ... and their families.

Thank you to all for the blessings of freedom we enjoy. 

Til next time ... enjoy a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In my thoughts ...

I've been watching the news as I'm sure everyone has been and am saddened to see all the devastation and pain caused by this massive storm.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved that they will be comforted and strengthened in the days ahead.  I especially pray for those families who have lost children; I cannot imagine their pain and distress.

Til next time,

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Peace and Sunshine

No words, just pictures ...

London Bridge, Lake Havasu, AZ

Make it a great day!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Repurposing ...

Sometimes there are things that I really like but can no longer use and if possible I like to find another purpose for them.  About ten years ago when we first moved off our sailboat and back into a house I found a wine cabinet that I gave to my husband for a gift.  He was big into wine and wanted a place to store and display his bottles.  This little cabinet fit the bill for all those years.  Then ... we moved last summer, remodeled, and added a wine fridge to our dining room bar area.

So now I needed to find a place for the old wine cabinet.  I always have a problem keeping my linens -- tablecloths and runners, etc. neat and ready to use.  I hate ironing them, putting them away and then finding that before I can use them, they need to be pressed again.  So here is my solution --

The wine cabinet ...

It has pull-out shelves that held the wine bottles and if I were really dedicated we could cut shelving to fit on each of the open shelves but my guys have enough projects on their list right now so this is working quite well. Very convenient and sits in the corner of my guest room.

It's doing a great job of holding everything I need it to and I have room to find some more pretties.

Til next time, have a great weekend.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I am blessed ...

On this Mother's Day I look back to remember my own mother who has been gone for over 40 years now.  She left an indelible imprint on my life ... so many things I do automatically because Mama taught me to do so even after all these years.

Jump ahead 40 years and now my own sons tell me that many things they do in their lives are because that's how I taught them or how I always did things when they were growing up.  How blessed am I that I have two sons who are totally different in personality, likes and dislikes, wants and desires, yet both love me and enjoy spending time with me as I do with them.  We do not always see eye to eye and I have learned to respect their decisions and as mothers do, pray continually for their blessing.

This truly makes a "Happy Mother's Day" for me and I am hoping that your day is a blessed one as well.

Til next time,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Woe is Me!

Yikes!  Had I known ...

I'm sure somewhere Arizona is listed as the dry skin capitol of the world.  We use lotions and creams by the gallon here.  If you don't, you become a prune in no time.  I've been blessed (?) with dry skin all my life so I am particularly diligent about "creaming up" every day.

We've had very high drying winds the last couple of weeks and my skin was feeling particularly uncomfortable so I purchased some baby oil gel with cocoa butter and shea butter in it.  I've used all three of these ingredients before so no worry -- or so I thought.

OOPS ... I slathered it on my dry legs, arms, and back and it felt sooooo nice and left my skin feeling soooo soft.  But it also left me with a burning, itchy rash everywhere I had put the lotion!

It doesn't look anywhere near as bad in these photos as it does in real life ... it's firey red and burning.  Word to self -- when trying something different, use just a little bit on just a small piece of skin and see how it goes. Don't bathe in the stuff!

Have a great weekend ...

Til next time,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer Is Here

Welcome Summer ... ready or not ... here she is in Lake Havasu.  We reached 100+ degrees this weekend. I think that's officially Summer ... it is in my book.  The pool is open; the water is invigorating and the wind is still howling.  We seem to sit in the path of the wind for every storm that goes through the country.  We don't generally get the storm ... no rain, no hail, no snow ... just mind-boggling wind for days on end.

And sunshine every day!

It's not so hot you can't enjoy being outside ... yet ...

But it won't be long before this is the only place you want to be ... day ...

and night ...

Welcome Summer ...

Til next time,