Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lights, Fans, Granite

Yeah, the granite is in!  What a difference it makes in the "looking more like a kitchen" mode.  The color is just gorgeous with the floor tile and cabinet color.  We're doing oil rubbed bronze fixtures and a chocolate brown sink ... I'm liking this house more and more every day.  Have to be careful that I don't decide I want it for me!

Ignore the white baseboard at the bottom of the island ... it's turning to milk chocolate brown as we speak. I should have opened the door behind me for more light.  The old windows that are still in place have dark tinting on them which makes the rooms look dark.  They will be gone soon.

I'm not particularly fond of granite countertops but everybody wants them so that's what we're giving them.  This one has lots of pearl and metallic in it and is just perfect with the floors and cabinets so we lucked out.

Yummy chocolate sink and faucet ... and the wine frig is chilled just waiting for some goodies.  Hey, cabinet doors may not be on but we have to have our priorities right, don't you think!

And we keep on truckin'.

Hope you have a great weekend ... we're all working on the house tomorrow.



  1. Nice job, people. I do love clean, new, and stylish kitchens. Yeah granite.

  2. It's looking great!!! I'm not a huge fan of granite either but I'm afraid to say that out loud. People get crazy about their counter tops.