Saturday, June 4, 2011

The fun stuff?

I don't get to blog very much these last few weeks.  The receipts of expenses for the house are taking over my office and have to be dealt with.  I thought I was doing a pretty good job keeping it under control until I visited the accountant.  Now this is what I'm dealing with --

and this lovely program!  It's changed a lot since the last time I used QuickBooks so I'm in a learning curve (not so much fun as you get older) --

On the bright side, the house is progressing nicely and hopefully will be on the market next weekend.  Here is a shot of the finished kitchen --


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  1. It looks like you and I have the same Lowe's floor tiles. We love them! The kitchen is very pretty. Is your weather anything like Los Vegas? I know of a blogger there who plants many veggies and fruit trees that others say cannot grow there. They grow and produce well for her. I will give you the blog name if your weather is similar. I will check back to see if you answered. Sarah