Friday, July 8, 2011

True Relaxation

We babysat for my son's kitty while he was away a couple of weeks ago.  Sarena was a joy and we laughed alot at her antics.  As I was going through my pictures today I realized that she is an aficionado of relaxation.  Take a peek ... we should be so laid back!

 She likes TV too ... 

The remote comes first --

Hmmm ... this looks interesting --

Maybe I should take a closer look --

Aha, this is the view I like --

Hope you have a relaxing weekend, too!



  1. Did you tell her that watching TV that close is bad for you eyes? hahaha What a cute cat! I used to be a cat person. I like other people's cats. Have a good weekend. You have a big, fancy TV.

  2. Hey there Ann, What cute pictures and I know your son and wife were happy to see you took such good care of their kitty. Glad to be back with all of my sweet friends and I've got lots of catching up to do. So glad you came by. Happy hugs to you, Mollye