Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food for the Spirit - Decision Time

America --

A land of greatness ...
Blessed with fertile plains, magnificent forests, 
lofty snow-topped mountians, and roaring streams.

Blessed by the Hand of God for His good purpose.

We prospered; we grew; we became powerful and strong
under the guidance of our Creator.

Then --

We became full of pride and arrogance and self-sufficiency 
and thought we could do without the God who had blessed and sustained us.  
We turned away from Him to do our "own thing"; we shut Him out
and boxed Him in; we closed Him out.
And He let us go ahead with our "own thing".

Now --

We are buried with debt, stressed out, fearful and dependent.
We are lost and don't know it. 
We are sick in our core and know not that we need the
blessings of God to survive.

The future?

Bleak and filled with despair and hopelessness 


Turn back to our Creator as a nation and as individuals and
acknowledge our mistakes and seek the mercy and love
of the One who waits for our return and desires to 
bless America once again.

The choice is ours, both as indiviuduals and as a nation 
and time is running out.

May we make the right decision.


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