Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pictures tell the story

Moving day is fast approaching and the remodel of our new home is moving forward although it doesn't look like we'll be totally done by move-in time.  We're doing a rather extensive job so it's taking a bit longer than we planned but we're loving the way it's turning out.

The living room before ...

And now ... the living room is sunken and we decided to lower the wall all the way to the floor.  There was a carpet "border" about a foot high around the room before.

We added a serving bar to the kitchen to give some privacy for the cooking mess that goes with making a meal.  Since the dining room table sits right here in front of the bar I wanted a divider that would make the dining room a more separate area.  The bar will be a great spot for buffet dining whether we're dining inside or outside.

From the kitchen side ...

Yeah!  First piece of granite down!

And by afternoon Jeff had a good deal of the stainless steel backsplash tiles in place.  They are lighter in color than they look here.  This looks more charcoal in color but they are actual small stainless steel tiles.

This gives a better view ... still needs grout.

Carpet was laid in the master bedroom and guest room this week too.  Hard to get the colors correct in a picture.  The walls here in the master are a very light lavender with a gray cast and the carpet is a steel gray (it looks brown here).

Master bath is painted and toilet and shower are functioning.  Vanity has been lifted off the floor and hung from the wall.  Still deciding on vanity top.  Guest bath will be left until after we move in.

We're getting there.  In the meantime I've also been packing boxes.  We're only moving 8/10 of a mile but it's still a big job.  I'm looking forward to being in one place ... not running back and forth between the two.

Til next time,

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