Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Blessed New Year ...

It's that time of new beginnings once again ... time when we look back at the year just ending and look forward to the year just beginning.  This has been a very difficult year for our little family.  Our oldest son passed away suddenly in June.

It has been a trying time for me, my husband and our younger son but with the grace of God and love of each other we are making it through this time of loss.  And we are looking forward with hope to the year that is arriving.

On this day 41 years ago I gave birth to my youngest son.  It was during a massive ice and snow storm in the Boston area -- so slippery that I had to slide down the walkway on my butt to get to the car so I wouldn't fall.  And it took over two hours to drive to the hospital that was normally only fifteen minutes away.  Then when I arrived the contractions that had been getting progressively more insistent ... stopped!  And I was told I could go home.  You must be kidding; it took me two hours to get here and now you tell me I can go home and wait for them to start again.  No way, I'm staying.  And eighteen hours later I was blessed with this young man.

Happy Birthday, Jeff ... and a Blessed and Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Ann, though one never "gets over" such loss, I am confident you will get *through* it. Wishing you a new year of healing and finding a bit of joy in each new day.

  2. Oh noooooooooooooo. My dear Ann.....I didn't know about you losing your precious son. My heart aches for you as a member of "the club". Our youngest son Jake was killed in June of 2010 and he was 40 years old. We have three other children and losing one is something you never ever get over. We just learn by the grace of a loving God to walk through the valleys and endure. To go forward and live but never to forget or "be over". God Bless you and your other son and your husband. I will surely remember your family in my prayers tonight. Warm hugs, Mollye

  3. Happy (belated) birthday to your youngest son. I'm a mother of two boys two. I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your oldest son though. There are no words for something as awful as that. My oldest son has been at bootcamp for the Marines for over 13 wks now. He will be released though because of an auto immune disease that he incurred while there. I felt such a loss just by him being away from home and not being able to speak to him early on, so I can't imagine the loss that you feel everyday. I'm SO sorry! I know there is a special relationship between mother and son too. I hope that God has been carrying you through this.

  4. Dear Ann - I saw your comment on Judy's (20 North Ora) blog about losing your son and so I thought I'd come over to your blog to leave you a note. And then I saw this post. I am so, so sorry that you lost your son. It is something no parent should ever have to go through and is THE hardest thing anyone can ever fathom or go through...

    I lost my oldest son suddenly, too - on September 25, 2009. Philip was only 21 years old. Like you, I also have a younger son, who is 24 years old now. Sending you a big hug and prayers.