Monday, November 29, 2010


Family … mixed blessings some say but I come from a different perspective.  Family that comes back together after years of being separated is a special blessing.  The personality differences, the differences in outlooks on life and how it’s lived, friends and associates and lifestyles – they’re not as important as just having family around the table together sharing stories and laughter, games and good food.  Thanksgiving is a time for families and this year I am blessed to have my tiny family together and I’m going to look forward to many more of these occasions in my future. 

Be blessed if your family was able to come together and enjoy this time.  If not, look around you for others who are alone and make an impromptu family of your own.  Sometimes that can bring as much joy to you and you to them as getting together with “real” family. 

My own mother died over 40 years ago just two weeks before my first son was born.  She never had the opportunity to see my baby boy and I did not have the benefit of her love and wisdom during those early mothering years.  But I had a landlord who was so loving and kind and caring of my family that she became a surrogate “grandma” and a great blessing to me.

Forty years later I have a close and loving relationship with a widow whose own family are not very responsive to her needs and we are secondary mother and daughter to each other and this relationship is a blessing to both of us. 

Whatever the case -- enjoy the blessings of family whether blood or bond … and be thankful for all the wonderful people in your life.

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