Thursday, November 11, 2010


Waiting … not one of my good points.  Patience is not one of my virtues but God has taken me around that mountain many times and I’m learning … much better than I used to be at just waiting.

So some stuff is packed – crystal and some dishes I only use a few times a year, knick-knacks that needed to be thinned out for the “viewing” – all of which take a long time to pack because they are so fragile. 

I lucked out in buying a slew of moving boxes from someone who had just moved a four-bedroom house from Massachusetts to Tucson and had many, many boxes in all shapes and sizes.  Now they are sitting in my garage rather than his and reminding me that they all need something in them.

We’ve had a couple of showings and the real estate agent says both parties are interested.  Hmmm, I wonder what that means exactly.  Like interested enough to talk about it, interested enough to possibly make an offer, interested only in passing? I’m going to assume something good – we did have two showings in the first week on the market and this is not a good market … I’m sure you know what I mean … probably not so hot in your area either. 

So today will be another day of packing … time to weed out my closet of the rest of the things that don’t fit since I’ve managed to lose some weight – that’s a positive way to look at losing some clothes I really like.  I did, however, find a great pair of new jeans yesterday that fit great and look good!!  Yeah!  Yeah!   Last year I couldn’t even fit in a pair of jeans – that’s progress.  Very slow progress but ongoing and I’m getting closer to my goal of 50 pounds.  This time patience is proving good for me. 

Well, off to stuff some boxes! 

Make it a great day, Blessings, Ann

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