Sunday, December 12, 2010

Butterfly Magic

Saturday was a beautiful winter day in Tucson ... bright sunshine, clear blue skies, and temps in the 70's.  We took a tour through the Tucson Botanical Gardens, known as one of the best small gardens in the country.  We usually go about once a year, especially during the season they have the "Butterfly Magic" display where you can enter a specially warmed and tropical atmosphere and spend time in the midst of hundreds of beautiful butterflies fluttering about.  Here are some pictures ... hope you enjoy them and it brings thoughts of springtime to those of you who are experiencing the blizzard conditions that are raging through parts of the States.

The tropical flowers in this display are beautiful too!

Sometimes you have to look carefully to find the butterly ...
this little guy has a bright spot of red dressing him up.

This one has an all-over lace design.


There is a matching, but smaller, butterfly hovering over this beauty.

 Isn't this a beauty!  Look at the colors!

Not colorful, but a beautful, lacey design

This fellow didn't want to have his picture taken but I loved his blue color!

The gardens also showcase a number of different style "gardens" and their appropriate plants.  This one is considered a patio garden.

And this brightly colored one is a "kitchen garden".

And, of course, Arizona is loaded with the spiky and prickly plants!!

This is a "jumping cholla" -- if you get close to it, your body heat will attract it to you and it just reaches out and grabs you!

And here is an Organ Pipe Cactus ...

Hope you've enjoyed!


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