Saturday, May 5, 2012

Food for the Spirit -- Doomsday Prep, Not What You Think

These are tumultuous and unsettling times.  Many are making preparations for what they term "doomsday".  It IS a good idea to be aware of the times and make some plans for your family should any disaster strike for whatever reason.

But ultimately our safety and sustenance comes not from what we do physically but from what we do spiritually.  God's Word tells us we should put aside treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20) and that we should always be prepared to help and share with those less fortunate than we are (Proverbs 22:9; Luke 14:13).

From Ephesians, chapter 6, we see that our battle is not primarily against physical powers that may cause us harm, but we fight a battle against an unseen -- but very real -- evil power that desires to destroy us (I Peter 5:8).  If this is the case, then the food and water and fuel and shelter we provide for bona fide emergencies is not enough; and we need to provide a powerful spiritual covering for ourselves and our families.

God offers us defensive weapons.  We need to study and know the truth of God's Word to rightly understand what God wants to tell us; we need to be people of moral integrity who have the good news of the Gospel and the peace it provides deeply embedded in our hearts and minds so we are ready to face whatever comes our way.  God will work with us to develop a shield of faith that will withstand anything the devil can send against us.

And He offers us offensive weapons -- The power of salvation and the Holy Word of God will strengthen and enable us to stand against any form of evil and be victorious in every battle of life.

The key is found in two little words in verse 13 of Ephesians, chapter 6 -- "put on".  You see, God provides everything we need to be victors in the arena of life but we have a part to do.  We have to "put on" or "get dressed" with the armor He provides.  If you leave your armor sitting back in the tent or the Word of God sitting in your bookcase, neither one is going to be of much help in your daily battles.

The treasure of Matthew 6 is hidden inside the sword of Ephesians 6 -- the Word of God.  The best preparation we can make for today and for the future, whatever it may hold, is to be ready to do battle clothed in all that the Word is prepared to provide.


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