Monday, April 23, 2012

Heat Wave ...

Well ... well ... well ... summer seems to have arrived early and with a big bang!  It was 105 here over the weekend and we're not even into the last week of April.  Where, or where is that house with a pool that I'm looking for?  Still being elusive even though I've been diligently hunting.  Just love going into vacant, hot houses in this weather to see if they might fit the bill.  I was kind last year when we had a house for sale here; we left the air conditioner running so visitors would feel comfortable staying around and looking rather than heading quickly back to their air conditioned cars.  Seems others have not caught on yet.

My son and I visited the water ski races and boat show Sunday morning at an early hour to hopefully miss the heat.  We were mistaken about that part; it got rather warm rather quickly.  Some of the boats are gorgeous and huge.

This one has what I would call panic handles on each seat in the rear.  I didn't see any seat belts but I think they might come in handy.

This is another of the same type of boat; now you can see why the seat belts might be nice.

My son gave this combo a "thumbs up".

Amazing paint jobs, too.

And here is the opposite at least from the size viewpoint.  Tiny by comparison and it was sitting right next to the rainbow colored one above.

And someone thought just to be different.  The paint is an electric green color and sparkles in the sun.

Then it was home to a cold glass of ice tea and a cool shower.  If you remember from last year, here in Havasu it gets so warm that we don't need to have a hot water heater because the water coming from the cold water faucet will practically scald you!  It's not quite that hot yet but I'm able to run all "cold" water for a nice warm shower.

Til next time ... if I don't melt.

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