Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hard Work

The tile is going down ... this is how Jeff spends most of his day now ... on his knees and bent over ... backache city.  Tile is looking good ... he'll be glad to get out of the kitchen area where there are so many cuts to be made.  The rest of the house should be much easier, except maybe for the bathrooms.

We never know what we're going to see on the street here in Lake Havasu ... just about anything with wheels is allowed so sometimes it's a surprise.  Obviously there are boats, boats, and more boats of all kinds but today was the first time I'd seen one in its unfinished condition being transported.  From the angle that I was able to get the picture it really doesn't show how bare bones it is but that's where I was in traffic.

And I just smiled when I saw this plate from California --

"Hava" great day!

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