Saturday, July 14, 2012

Progress ...

Last week we battled 120 temps ... this week the monsoons and high humidity have arrived.  Ah, summer in Havasu.

Fortunately, we were able to get the kitchen cabinet doors prepped and Jeff got them sprayed before the high humidity arrived so they dried quickly and nicely.  Yesterday he got most of them re-installed.  We used a light gray for the upper cabinets and a more charcoal gray for the bottoms.  The square "hole" in the ceiling here houses a skylight that flushes the kitchen with light.  The florescent tubes are short lived.  I abhor florescent lighting; my eyes are sensitive to their flickering and it gives me a headache and they are ugly even when hidden by plastic panels.  Can you tell I don't like them?

Yikes!  The counter is our work center ... heavily used as you can see.

The "kitchen buffet" -- for lack of what else to call this roomy cabinet -- is also in the charcoal gray.  The upper cabinet doors are glass to show off the "pretties".

We got two fans installed ... every room has them ... it is, after all, Havasu.  We found these 60" inch fans at Lowe's and they move a lot of air and are super quiet.  They even have a "serenity" mode which is a low, low speed that just gently circulates the air without that fan feeling.

And found a light for the foyer ...

And I've been painting door frames and baseboards -- maybe we should have bought a smaller house!  We also got part of the office wall painted in a soft, sage green.  The area behind the double doors is a large storage closet -- that, together with the generous pantry gives us lots of room for storage inside away from the devastating heat. And the door to the right is also a closet!  This is closet heaven.

All in all -- a good week's work.  Time to spend a few hours in the pool this weekend and plan for the week to come.

Til next time,


  1. Oh Ann, I understand what you are going thru but its so worth it. Can't wait to see it all decorated.
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  2. Love what I see so far. Your kitchen looks marvelous! I'm working on my kitchen too, redoing the parts I can do inexpensively and then I will have to hire what I can't do. Wish I had a handyman husband like yours. My kitchen is going white, cabinets and the bottom bead board walls and on the top is the same sage green as yours - or similar.