Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Found this picture at a yard sale ... love the pastel cottage look here but the gold frame doesn't go with my gray and purple color scheme so had to make a change.

I've been using this Martha Stewart paint for some other projects and like the way it comes out so used it here too.

First coat --

Second coat and all done -- what a difference it makes to change the color of the frame.

My hubby and I have some differing ideas about decorating.  This is his style!  It looked so funny to me I just left it there and chuckled every time I walked in the bedroom.  After a few days he moved it.

We have a guest visiting for a bit ... my son's cat, Sarena.  She just loves my husband and wants to be near him as he works.  He works at home and this window is right near his desk so this is where she often parks herself ...

Perfect relaxation ...

To top off my week, I saw this when I went grocery shopping.  I love purple ... lookee here!  How fun to bring the groceries home in this!

It's going to be 110 here this weekend ... guess we'll be floating in the pool.

Til next time,


  1. Love your pictures and of course your son's cat! She looks right at home.

    How lucky to find a picture that is so perfect with your decor and at a yard sale no less.

    Stay cool, tomorrow is suppose to be much hotter!!


  2. Don't you love what some men call decorating...and what a sweet kitty....where abouts in AZ are you???