Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oops ...

Lake Havau has more than its fair share of wind and our house is located in "wind alley".  Last winter this is what happened to our neighbor's boatport (like carport only for boats?).  That was a full metal roof mounted on those steel beams that are twisted.  It was just a freaky burst of wind on a sunny, windy day.

We live on the high side of the street across from this house and the wind that did this comes right around the end of our house and races down our driveway right into theirs.

Well, this summer we had another one of those sunny, windy days and this time the wind came right up our driveway and around the end of our house and took our beautiful mesquite tree with it.

This big root grew right up to the foundation but fortunately not under it or we might have had more damage.

The branches slid right down the side of the house without causing any damage.  It did, however, take out the cable TV line but that was easily fixed with a call to Suddenlink.

Now we have a rather large space and an opening into the back yard that we didn't have before.  No idea yet what we're going to do here.

The sad thing is we lost all that shade which is precious here in Havasu.

We're off to Corpus Christi, TX early tomorrow morning to meet my sister and her husband for a week of family time.  Looking forward to good food, good drinks and happy memories.



  1. Arizona has wicked weather. Those trees must have shallow roots. I see them broken and blown over a lot. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Ann, I hate wind. It is my least favorite weather. Especially when it takes out something so important as a shade tree.