Friday, January 7, 2011

House Hunting

It’s been a busy week … finished some packing in Tucson, lunched with friends (I’m going to miss them) and then headed to Lake Havasu to find a rental home for us.  The closing on our house in Tucson is on February 2 so time is getting short and my husband reminds me that he’s not fond of living in a tent. 

This house hunting stuff, especially when you’re on a short time frame, is not all that much fun … lots of driving around in areas I am not familiar with and lots of disappointing drive bys to say nothing of the ones I actually see inside.  It seems that in Havasu the size of your garage is much much more important than the size of the rooms you actually live in.  It’s not uncommon at all to have three car garages, one of which is boat deep (for obvious reasons) attached to a house of only 1100 – 1300 square feet. 

Hmmm … that means that my family room furniture will have no home because separate family rooms in moderately priced houses do not seem to be in existence.  In fact, so far I’ve not found a house that has a great room large enough to hold both my living room furniture and my beautiful dining room table and baker’s rack. 

So the hunt goes on … tomorrow I’m looking at a house that I know is going to be immaculate but tiny … it does, however, have the three car garage!  The price is right so maybe I can make this one work.  As my husband reminded me tonight, it’s not forever – only a year and then we’ll reevaluate what we want to do.  I’m game … it is an adventure. 

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