Monday, January 10, 2011

Tragedy in Tucson

Tragedy in Tucson … I live in Tucson but I was out of town when the shootings took place this week and will be heading home today.  No matter what your political beliefs or feelings, this is a sad and most difficult time for all those involved in any way.  Each of those involved is an individual person with family and friends whose hearts are in distress.  Even those who were attending and not directly involved in the shootings are traumatized and affected deeply by what occurred. 

This is no time for party politics … it should be a time of bringing the city and its people together to offer love and help to those who may need some assistance.  It is a time to suppress strong emotions of blame and to stand together as human beings who have either witnessed or experienced a heartbreaking event.  It is a time to offer prayers for comfort and healing, not only for the families directly involved but for the city of Tucson.  This is a time for Tucson to show the country who we are; this is a time to come together as a city and be a good example for the rest of the country so that we can be a vessel of healing, not a vessel of hatred and blame.

The shootings were appalling but let Tucson rise above the dreadful happenings of this weekend and become a city of unity and a fine example to our country of how a disaster can bring out the best in its citizens.

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