Saturday, January 15, 2011

Leaving Behind ... New Beginnings

Leaving Behind … New Beginnings … It occurs to me as I pick and choose which items I am going to pack and take with me to my new home, -- and which ones I am going to give away to someone I know who would like them, -- and also which ones are going to be donated to Goodwill so perhaps someone else can find joy in them, -- that I am choosing to leave behind some things and will be bringing into my life new things. 

Sadly I am leaving behind good friends but with the miracle of email and blogging I can continue to include them in my life and its doings; and hopefully they, too, will continue to include me in their lives so that when we have the occasional visit we can easily step back into the comfortable rapport we have now.  As difficult as it is to leave friends behind, I am also looking forward to meeting new friends, joining in new groups, doing new activities – seeking the adventure in life that awaits me.

Change is good … it encourages me to look at myself and who I am, to discern where I need to make some changes, to do things better, to get my daily life in line with my personal picture of myself … of how I would like to act, of what I would like to do, of the me I want to be.  Upheaval in one’s life, whether by choice as in this move or by necessity as has been in some times past, is eye opening and leads to discovery especially if we are looking for it. 

I have an old clipping from a magazine of a little “cartoon like” drawing of a sailboat and the caption says “When God closes one door, He opens a window”.  I cut it out many years ago while going through a difficult divorce because it spoke to my heart.  It reminded me that closed doors are not always bad … that they can lead to new beginnings … and that’s how I’m approaching this move … new beginnings await and those things I leave behind remain a precious part of my life.


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  1. I think it's true...when He closes one door...He always has another. Change for me is so hard even when I know what I'm going to is good. It still takes me time to adjust. Hope your weekend is a good one.