Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lost & Found

Some of you know that while I was packing up the house in Tucson I lost one of my wedding rings (the one on my index finger).  Guess that's what might happen when you lose weight.  I discovered it missing when I went to take it off at night and because I numbered all my boxes each day I knew that if it had fallen off in the packing process it might be in boxes 30-39.  But I had also gone to Lowe's that day to buy extra boxes so it was possible I might have lost it when I was out.

I was very careful to go through each piece of packing paper when I opened any of the boxes in the 30's and thankfully I found my ring caught in a piece of the wrapping paper.  How blessed is that!  This is one happy lady ...

The unpacking process continues ... it's a big job ... harder than I thought it would be but I'm making progress.

And in the midst of all the mess of unpacking we're in the process of buying our first house to flip.  The fun just doesn't end.  Will try to post more regularly but most of the time I'm dog tired when I quit for the day. 

Blessings to everyone,

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  1. So happy you stopped by to "see" me. Always happy to meet a fellow Arizona blogger. I live in Surprise...so not terribly close to you. My daughter lives in Las Vegas and we always think that some day we'll swing over and see Lake H...(I can't remember how to spell it, dang.) I'm glad you found your ring. Lucky, lucky, lucky...! I'm allergic to all phases of moving. The unmoving is as miserable as the moving. And you're going to flip a house. Oh, my! I'm sure you are exhausted. I will keep track of you, so hope you find time to blog occasionally.