Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boy Toys & Girl Toys

This venture into the remodeling world has necessitated the purchase of many "boy toys" much to my son's delight. Both George (my husband) and Jeff (my son) feel strongly -- and rightly so -- that good results require good tools.  So here are just a few of the goodies in our storehouse now:

Mitre saw with laser  -- Jeff gets really excited with this one.

Tile grinder (yucky dirty job!) and sanders

Sawsall -- I never heard of one before but he uses it for everthing.

 Jigsaw -- that one I at least recognize.

And the all important boom box.  Actually it includes a charger for all the other tools.

And then there is the tile saw, and the paint spraying machine, and the texturizer -- they haven't arrived on the work site yet but they're in the garage.  I think this all means we're in the remodeling business!

It's just not fair that the guys should get all the goodies so thanks to the Havin' Fun Girls in Tucson I got a toy, too: -- thank you ladies!

It's a Bissell Vac and Steam -- pretty neat idea.  I have lots of tile floors in our home here in Havasu and mopping was a chore.  With this little gadget I can steam mop with no detergents needed (so no leftover film on the floor) and do a light vacuum at the same time.  Girls need tools, too.



  1. Well, you all are just decked out for sure!! Please don't let my husband see your treasure trove. (He wants similar things and the point is we are NOT in the remodeling business.) I have heard Rick talk about a sawsall or whatever, but I have no clue what it does. Your mop vac thingy is quite lovely too. I have such a small kitchen and hard floor areas that I don't need a gadget. But I've mopped tile at my daughter's and it's a pain for sure. Congratulations on owning all that stock in Lowes (or Home Depot?). Which was it?

  2. I love your blog but I will never, never allow my husband to see this post. I couldn't afford the aftermath.