Saturday, March 19, 2011


Some are going to think this post is really weird but here goes.  For over twenty years I have dealt with fibromyalgia and kept it under control without the use of medications.  I started by going to an acupuncturist, massage therapist and chiropractor; recently it has evolved into neuromuscular therapy and chiropractic with occasional visits to an acupuncturist.  Since moving to Lake Havasu I have not yet found the same kind of treatments I was able to use in Tucson and my body is noticing the difference.  The reason for this explanation is that I have found these modalities to work for me; I don't know if they will work for others or not but in my opinion if you can stay off drugs and deal with it in a more natural way, it's more than likely a good and better thing. 

SO on Sunday my husband and I went to the swap meet that is held here every week in Lake Havasu and while browsing we came across a booth selling Bionic Bands.  I had seen them on TV but didn't pay much attention.  We agreed to be "tested" and both of us failed the balance and strength tests when given without the band; and both of us passed the tests when wearing the band.  After some discussion we decided to try a band for my oldest son who has a number of physical ailments and many years ago had been diagnosed with an equilibrium problem for which the doctors offered no assistance.  My husband has recently been experiencing a good deal of body pain so I convinced him to get one, too.

We both put on our bands and within 30 minutes my painfully sore shoulder was feeling much better and George thought that he noticed some difference with him as well.  I wore the band for 3 1/2 days before getting it to my son and I felt better each day.  After giving the band to my son I noticed by evening that I had some pain coming back and by the next day I had all over body pain and felt rather miserable.  After a couple of days since George was not getting any positive result from wearing his band, I borrowed it and within an hour my pain level decreased and continues to do so.  That's pretty interesting.

However, the best thing is that my son put it on and noticed by evening that he was able to easily go up and down stairs without any problem with balance.  It's now four days later and he is still moving around with a steadiness and balance that he has not experienced in quite some time.

Both my son and I have always received good results from acupuncture; our bodies respond to treatment readily.  Perhaps that is why our bodies are responding to these bands in the same way.  I have no idea if the band will work for anyone else or not -- it did not provide my husband with any noticeable result.  But since it has worked for my son and myself I wanted to pass the information along. 

If you're interesetd you can go to this site and read their information and can order bands from that same site  -- I'm not making any guarantees, just giving our own results.  If it works you, great. 



  1. I watched an analysis of these bracelets on a news program and they say there's no scientific evidence to back their claims. But many athletes and others wear them and swear to their good results.

    I don't know if it's psychological or what, but I say if it works for you, run with it. I'm so sorry that you have these pains. I have migraines and I know that pain is hellish. Standard medicine isn't for everyone. I wish you all the best with whatever it takes.

  2. Hi from Show Low!! I have had fibro for the last 12 yrs and currently my doc does acupuncture on me. Unfortunatley I have to still use meds to have any pain relief and then it never goes away. Thanks for sharing this info! Marla