Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aliens at Work!

We have about 600 square feet of ceramic tile floors in the house and they need to be removed and replaced.  That's about the dirtiest, yuckiest job you can imagine ... and it takes an great deal of muscle power and stamina as well.  Jeff dove into it full on ... this is just a tiny sample of old tile.  We have removed aboout 3000 lbs. of trash from this house now!  Really giving that big white truck a workout and "Zeus" is just eating it up.

After removing the tile with a 60 lb. tile hammer and cleaning up all the old tile, then the mortar left on the floor has to be ground off.  This is the really dirty yucky part and Jeff gets dressed for the part!

Goggles, knee pads and respirator needed!

This is after just a few seconds of grinding one small area -- I took these pictures in rapid succession because I wasn't going to stay in the area any longer than I could hold my breath!

The dust gets so thick that he can't see to continue so has to stop and wait for it to settle before moving on to the next section.  This young man has a massive work ethic!  We are blessed to have him working with us ... this is more than we could take on by ourselves.

In the meantime my oldest son and I have been working on a mini remodel of his RV -- painting the interior ... pictures of the finished product next week.


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  1. I'm exhausted. This isn't the house you're living in, is it? You guys are amazing. You should do this for a living. ;o)