Saturday, April 16, 2011


This time just prior to Passover is a period of reflection.  (no, we are not Jewish; we are believers who observe the Passover as Jesus did once a year with unleavened bread, wine, and footwashing).  When we look into a mirror or a still pool of water we see our reflection.  It shows us how we look to others.  During this time of year we are to look at our lives and see where we stand in our spiritual walk.

Have I grown in faith and patience?  Did I successfully handle some trials this year that I have not been successful at dealing with in the past?  Do I have a personal and intimate relationship with my Lord?  Do I spend time with Him?  If I don't spend time with Him, I cannot know Him and He cannot know me.  Am I spending time in the Word so that it becomes an intricate part of my life and my thinking?  Do I bring it to mind when there is trouble on the horizon?  Am I compassionate and caring of others and their needs?  Do I help?

When we mature in God's way we should become a reflection of Him to others.  Our lives are to mirror the life of Christ.  We have an awesome calling and opportunity to be a reflecting light to those around us.  What does my reflection show about me?  Food for thought ...


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