Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moving Forward

We put "Zeus" to the test and loaded up almost 5000 lbs. of floor tile in one trip.  Then Jeff was put to the test laying it down.  It's coming along nicely -- this is the hallway I showed him grinding before.

Kitchen ...

Living Room ...

Swamp cooler, TV antenna and old solar panel have been removed from the roof giving a cleaner, more modern line to the house ...

Stainless steel appliances have been ordered and granite is being ordered on Monday ... we're getting there!

In the meantime my oldest son, Mark, and I did a mini remodeling job on his RV.  The ceiling and walls were covered in a vinyl wallpaper that had become dingy -- actually it wasn't very bright to begin with and looked dated so we went through an extensive prep process and painted bright white ceiling and beautiful blue walls. Mark removed the table/settee since he never used it and it gave a spot for a big flat screen TV and a rocker. We took out the heavy venetian blinds and I made new curtains in a nautical stripe -- his decorating theme is the beach and ocean.

And his cat, Sarena, was glad when her world went back to normal and the mess was gone.

It's a cute and comfy place -- easy to maintain -- and he is enjoying it a lot.

I wonder what our next project will be ...


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  1. Just love to see you changing the place. It's shaping up so nicely. I do hope you can rest a little this weekend.