Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feed the Spirit -- How Long?

If you're a parent of grown children, how long has it been since you've seen them or talked with them?  When was the last time your child told you they loved you?  When did they share something -- either good or bad, sad or happy -- from their lives?  When did they seek your guidance and advice?  And take it?

No matter how long it's been your love continues and waits and continues and waits ...

Just as we long to hear from and spend time with our children so our Heavenly Father longs to spend some time with us.  He says He stands at the door (of our hearts) and knocks but we must invite Him in.  Just as we will not intrude upon the lives of our children so God will not force Himself into our lives.  Oftentimes parents know there is something they could offer to do to help their children but cannot because the child wants to do it himself -- be on his own -- make his own decisions -- live his own life.  So we, too, close our Father off from our lives; we blindly forge ahead believing we know everything and can handle everything on our own.

So God waits and loves ... and waits and loves ... and waits and loves ... while we flail about in the chaos of our existence trying to survive and prosper in an inhospitable environment with dismal and discouraging results.

And all the while our Heavenly Parent just wants to hear from us.  He desires that we come to Him, sit down and open our hearts, that we tell Him how we feel, what we've been doing and what the results have been.  God loves us -- it is who He is and what He does.  But He cannot express His love in our lives if we do not acknowledge Him or welcome Him into where we live.

Picture this -- your son or daughter who has ignored you for years calls to say "hi".  Your heart soars and is so glad to hear their voice, just to know they thought to call; and your love rushes out to cover them.  You want to hear all about how they are, what they're doing, how life is going for them, where they are, and when can you see them.

Now we're just human beings with greatly imperfect love and we have this reaction to our children so what do you imagine God feels toward one of His children who opens the door of their heart to Him and talks with Him about their life, their goals, their desires and their needs -- a child who wants to be in His presence, who seeks Him out?

If it's been a long time since you've connected with your physical parents, why not get in touch and bless them by sharing a bit of your life.

If it's been a long time since you've "connected" with your Heavenly Parent, get in touch and bring joy to Him by sharing your life and see what marvelous blessings His love and guidance will pour into your life.


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