Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reality Thursday -- Where I dare not tread

I'm joining "Reality Thursday" at Mockingbird Hill Cottage -- http://mockingbirdhillcottage.blogspot.com.

Today reality comes from my husband's office ... he works long hours at home.  At first I tried straightening up his area each week as I do my weekly cleaning but I gave up.  There is nothing here that I can move that he doesn't want exactly where it is and doesn't seem to bother him at all so I leave well enough alone -- one less room to dust!

This is perpetual reality ... never gets any better but sometimes even worse when papers are piled on top of everything so it seems.  He's comfortable so that's what counts.

Make it a great day,


  1. Hello Ann

    Fortunately, my youngest son moved out so my husband has his own room now. I don't have to see it, I don't have to clean it, I don't have to go into it. I'm very glad.

  2. That's a lot of computers! It helps when you can just shut the door on a room and ignore it, doesn' it?

    Thanks so much for joining in!


  3. I would not want to even go near that desk - can you imagine if something got moved or ...
    Enjoyed your post.
    - Joy

  4. I say shut the door and call it clean! LOL

  5. Desks are hard things to keep tidy, especially when they are being used. Mine looks similar right now. But I can't share a desk picture every week!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. I am very curious to know how he uses all those computers at once!?? I go with Tina, shut the door and call it clean. Love, Linda

  7. Sometimes there is a method to our desk madness, but this one doesn't look too bad to me! Yes, don't touch anything... you never know! Ann

  8. lol- men. What can you do about them? I kind of wish my hubby had a room like this that I could close the door on. Mine has all his stuff that is too important to be touched all around him like a nest on the couch :) Have a great weekend!