Saturday, October 22, 2011


What a blessing time away from home can be ... first time in a long time that my hard-working husband did NOT bring his computer so he could not do any work (and the company survived!).  We joined Zion's Hope for a "Land & Sea" prophecy conference and met some wonderful people and were blessed with some well-researched teaching.  The first few days were spent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the Eden Resort -- a very nice facility -- where there were about 300 of us attending from across the country.

The resort had a beautiful dining room where we were treated to fine meals.  
Pennsylvania met us with lovely fall weather and then deluged us with more rain in a day than we probably get in Lake Havasu all year.

After a couple of days there the group was off to board Royal Caribbean's "Enchantment of the Seas" for a five day cruise to Bermuda.  

This was our first cruise and we enjoyed being treated and kings and queens.

The trip over to Bermuda was sunny and we had calm waters.  We had booked an oceanview stateroom with a balcony and we enjoyed it immensely.

The ship was beautiful --

Our stateroom attendant treated us to some of his special "decor" --

We docked at King's Wharf in Bermuda --

One of the shops on the Wharf made hand-blown glass on the premises.  The colors and designs were delightful -- a feast for the eyes!

We took the ferry into Hamilton, the capitol city --

Hundreds of mopeds -- the Island is only 21 miles long so no big touring cars are needed and they are very expensive!  Gas is over $8 per gallon so these little bikes fit the bill nicely.

Pastel buildings with some interesting style and decoration --

We had lunch at the Pickled Onion -- delicious --

And a nice walk through the park -- lush and green compared to what we see everyday in Lake Havasu --

Beautiful flowers --

Saw the dolphins swimming with some young people --

Such beautiful creatures -- always with a smile on their face (or so it seems) --

Can't go to the Islands without enjoying their rum so we took a "rum swizzle sunset tour" to see some of the houses on Millionaire's Row -- 

This yellow one is an $800,000 fixer upper!

And the sunset -- now that's worth a million dollars!

And back to the ship -- that pink in the sky foretold a bit of weather coming our way.

The morning sky on our departure --

Gale force winds and seas up to 25' were predicted.  They actually ran around 15' and that was plenty for most everyone on board.  I'm fortunate not to get sea sick so I really enjoyed the day; George, however, didn't get sick but didn't feel great either so he spent a good deal of the day in our cabin enjoying the view from the balcony.

Still photos make them look pretty benign so I'm adding a video.  Some have told me they can open the video fine; others are not able to do so, but I'll give it a shot in case you can open it.  You can hear the wind howling as well as the sound of the waves.

We arrived home a bit tired but safe and sound.  Tomorrow I'll be tackling the laundry; that's a quick dive back into the real world.



  1. I'm so impressed by your photos and your vacation. Elegant and inspirational. Why are there no pics of people? You need to show you lounging by the pool, etc. Welcome home.

  2. What wonderful photos of your trip. Enjoyed reading your post today, it was like a 'mini' holiday dream.
    - Joy