Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting a Grip ... before it's too late

In 2010 I joined Weight Watchers Online and lost 38 lbs -- first time I've lost weight in a good long time.  In 2011 I kept my weight within 5 lbs of my goal UNTIL we took that wonderful cruise to Bermuda in October!

Food -- in every conceivable variety -- was available every hour of the day.  Not good.  Even though I kept my portions small and sometimes even tiny there was so much to try that I managed to put on a few more pounds that have not wanted to leave even three months later.

SO -- I joined Weight Watchers here in Havasu a couple of weeks ago and am looking forward to getting down to my ideal weight.  That's going to take a while.  So far -- down 2 lbs.  That's better than going up.

My reason for bringing this up is that "WW" has the neatest apps for your Smartphone and I'm having so much fun and finding it so easy to track my food. One is called "WW Mobile" and it keeps a record of your points used each day as you enter what you've eaten.

And the other is the "WW Scanner" that actually scans the bar codes of foods and provides you with the point value!  Handy in the grocery store to check if you even want to bring that yummy home and handy at home to check what you're taking out of the freezer or pantry.  Hi-tech stuff and so cool.  No more calculating, no more little notebook with me all the time.  Just plug in what I've eaten and "voila"!! it's entered.

Some high-tech stuff is really neat ... this is one of them for me.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good for you. I'm a WW "graduate" long ago. I probably need to go back. I really believe in the program. It's the best way. The apps sound interesting. And now I know I'll never go on a cruise. It's like the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico only better.

  2. I wishing you great success. It's smart to join before too many pounds sneak back on. I lost weight almost 2 years ago...sure is hard to keep it off! ♥