Sunday, January 15, 2012

Watching Water Run and Other Stuff

Finally, the pool liner arrived on Friday!  The appraiser is waiting for it to be installed before presenting his final figures so we've been under the gun to get this done ASAP.  Luckily our pool company is very cooperative and have been working this weekend to get it running.

I'm glad this is not my job -- I would be more than a little frustrated here.

Within a few hours they were adding water --

And then the waiting begins -- Friday afternoon --

Well, it's now it's Sunday afternoon and it's finally getting up to the skimmer area so the pool installers can prime and start the pump.  No, my guys did NOT stand there since Friday watching it fill!

Tomorrow I'll get pictures of the "new" pool -- finished.  Yeah!

As I've mentioned and showed previously our plants have struggled not all successively to make the transition from Tucson to Lake Havasu.  I've had this little Christmas catcus for three years or so and it finally has bloomed this year.  Better late than never ... poor thing just didn't like the change of scenery.

She sits in my kitchen window with my roosters and green glass.

Til next time ...



  1. Our water rates went up in Surprise. I'm not sure we can ever afford to fill our pool again. We'll just use the same scummy water. (jk) Nothing blooms for me in AZ. It's coolish here today. I like the brave little cactus.

  2. Wow that looks beautiful now. You I am sure will really enjoy that when hot weather gets here.