Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

My husband has a new hobby -- looking for gold.  It gets him out of his office on weekends and out under Arizona's big sky and into places we normally would not go.  I went along this weekend as we checked out a dirt road to see where it goes.

We ended up in the Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge and had a nice peaceful time doing a bit of hiking and just enjoying the quiet and the beauty around us.

A riparian forest, which means that it flourishes along a stream's flood plain.

Fields of rocks -- 

A quiet path ... 

The "Happy Campers"

End of a lovely afternoon ... 

Hope you had a great restful weekend.



  1. I hope he finds the mother lode. Or at least gets a tan and fresh air. Explore on!

  2. What a fun hobby! The pics are beautiful. Glad you're getting out there and having fun.

  3. That looks like fun! I would love to visit that area! ♥