Friday, March 9, 2012

A Shopping Frenzy

Oh my!  Lake Havasu finally got a Ross store last weekend.  The shelves were loaded to the brim with items and the crowds were huge!  It looked like Christmas shopping.  We have very limited shopping here -- Dillards, Penney's, Walmart and K-Mart, Big Lots, a couple of dollar type stores  -- that's about it for the everyday stuff we're always looking for.  So Ross is a welcome addition, but I had no idea how the public was going to react to a new store in town.

Here are some pictures I took today -- one week after opening.  Remember -- these shelves were loaded and full ...

Must be there wasn't a fry pan in Havasu prior to this ...

The top shelf is entirely empty for the whole length of it ... 

This is the "gourmet" food and coffe/tea section ... guess we were starved for something different.

And how did one bake a cake or cookies before this week?

There are NO hair accessories left!

And slim pickin's for some of the clothing as well.  There are still lots of dresses available though. 

From looking at these pictures you would have to think that there had been no pots and pans and hair accessories available at all in Havasu and everyone was just waiting and waiting to get their hands on some. It just boggles my mind!  I'm going to stay home!

Have a great and restful weekend,



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  1. I have never heard of Ross stores - must be a Target type (upscale KMart). The economy must be doing just fine out there. Amazing! Cindy