Saturday, May 18, 2013

Repurposing ...

Sometimes there are things that I really like but can no longer use and if possible I like to find another purpose for them.  About ten years ago when we first moved off our sailboat and back into a house I found a wine cabinet that I gave to my husband for a gift.  He was big into wine and wanted a place to store and display his bottles.  This little cabinet fit the bill for all those years.  Then ... we moved last summer, remodeled, and added a wine fridge to our dining room bar area.

So now I needed to find a place for the old wine cabinet.  I always have a problem keeping my linens -- tablecloths and runners, etc. neat and ready to use.  I hate ironing them, putting them away and then finding that before I can use them, they need to be pressed again.  So here is my solution --

The wine cabinet ...

It has pull-out shelves that held the wine bottles and if I were really dedicated we could cut shelving to fit on each of the open shelves but my guys have enough projects on their list right now so this is working quite well. Very convenient and sits in the corner of my guest room.

It's doing a great job of holding everything I need it to and I have room to find some more pretties.

Til next time, have a great weekend.

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  1. Perfect for your linens! What a great idea, and absolutely adorable too.