Friday, May 3, 2013

Woe is Me!

Yikes!  Had I known ...

I'm sure somewhere Arizona is listed as the dry skin capitol of the world.  We use lotions and creams by the gallon here.  If you don't, you become a prune in no time.  I've been blessed (?) with dry skin all my life so I am particularly diligent about "creaming up" every day.

We've had very high drying winds the last couple of weeks and my skin was feeling particularly uncomfortable so I purchased some baby oil gel with cocoa butter and shea butter in it.  I've used all three of these ingredients before so no worry -- or so I thought.

OOPS ... I slathered it on my dry legs, arms, and back and it felt sooooo nice and left my skin feeling soooo soft.  But it also left me with a burning, itchy rash everywhere I had put the lotion!

It doesn't look anywhere near as bad in these photos as it does in real life ... it's firey red and burning.  Word to self -- when trying something different, use just a little bit on just a small piece of skin and see how it goes. Don't bathe in the stuff!

Have a great weekend ...

Til next time,


  1. Oooh, I hate when that happens, Ann. It usually happens to me when there is some kind of fragrance in a lotion, so I try to stay with plain lotions. We have Aveeno here at home {one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen}. I normally don't have a problem with dry skin at this time of year, but after being in California a few weeks ago, and getting sunburn, I am flaking now!

  2. Oh Ouch! I'm very sensitive too. Coconut oil fromt he grocery section works really well for me. If you don't want it too oily, you can find all kinds of recipes to make lotions with cocomut oil on Pinterest. Good luck. Looks like you might need an oatmeal bath to soothe that poor skin.

  3. I have dry skin too but live in a humid climate. I guess that helps somewhat. The winter is a really bad time for my skin. Looks like you have fair skin like me. I think we are more sensitive to things. I get little things popping up on my skin all the time. They usually go away on their own. I never would've thought that a baby oil gel would cause a reaction like that. To the trash it must go! I use Cetaphil cream (not lotion) after every shower. You might give it a try. My skin is super senstive and dry and it helps alot!