Monday, August 30, 2010


Home … We went to visit friends this weekend and catch up on their lives. Always nice to get away for a bit and see old friends … but also very nice to come back to the comfort of home. Is your home a comforting place for you? A place of peace and quiet and refreshing? If not, take a minute to look around you and inside you to find out why.

Home is where the heart is … I wonder how old that saying is. It’s true though … no matter how elegant and fine someone else’s abode is, your heart – your life – your memories are bound up in the place where you find rest and peace and restoration. Each of us develops a style of living that is familiar and comfortable for our spirit … we bring around us those things that please our senses, beautiful things that maybe only our eye sees as beautiful, memorabilia that only our hearts respond to, familiar pieces handed down from generation to generation that bring continuity to our lives, pictures that remind of us fun times and places, spaces that our spirit responds to.

In every place I’ve lived I’ve always had a special place for me. In my yard I have a wonderful trailing rosebush and here I sit every morning communing with my Lord with the soft Arizona breeze of morning brushing over my skin giving me a few minutes of respite from the intense and unending summer heat. It is one of my favorite places and one of my favorite times … when I am away I miss both that place and that special quiet time.

When we lived aboard our sailboat in San Diego for five years I would sit in the cockpit and watch the sun come up over the Bay in all its splendor and glory and thank my God that I was privileged to live in such a beautiful place. When living outside of Boston on the north side I had a swing under a lovely tree where I spent many a quiet hour just swinging gently and basking in the shade of that tree. When we moved from there to the south of Boston I had a favorite rocking chair that belonged to my husband’s mother in a little room where the sun shone in the morning and I spent my quiet time with a hot cup of tea reading and watching the rays of sun dance over the shiny floor.

I hope in your home you have a special place where you find quiet and peace … a place to regather yourself each day so that you can continue on your journey refreshed and ready to face whatever blessings or challenges come your way.

Blessings, Ann

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  1. Hi Ann, What a wonderful post. There's just so much to be said about the tranquility of your own home. I can only imagine how different my life would be if my home was not my oasis. Come visit me soon. Peace, Mollye