Saturday, September 4, 2010

God Looks After the Small Things

God looks after the small things … Our lives are so precious to God and he desires that we should have an abundant life. To that end He is involved with every aspect of our lives especially if we allow Him access to our innermost needs and desires. Nothing in our lives is inconsequential to Him … He is our creator, our Provider, our Sustainer, our Comfort, our King and He knows us better than we know ourselves. Nothing in our lives is hidden from Him. He knows our needs and our desires and He will fulfill those that are good for us. It’s difficult but we have to come to the point where we are accepting and comfortable with whatever God provides and realize that He sees the big picture and we only see this little place where we are struggling right now. Then we will have peace knowing that our God is in control.

It’s taken me a long time in my life to let go of some things … humanly I like to do things my way in my time frame; but my oldest son taught me a few years ago that “God is a God of the last minute”. Or at least that’s how it appears to us … we think we just can’t take anymore or go another mile or handle any more crises and we forget (or refuse to understand) that God is in control. We are not! Yikes! That used to cause me no end of upset, but after seeing His intervention just in the nick of time over so many incidents, I’m beginning to realize that I can just bring it to Him, do whatever I can and leave the rest to Him. After all, He is God – and can do all things. I am not.

That’s not to say I find it easy or comfortable, but I do have many wonderful interventions to look back upon and they help me to look forward to the one I need today with more faith than I had before. That helps me be more positive about the outcome and I am learning to wait with less apprehension than I had before … to trust more fully in the One to whom I bring my problems and look forward to seeing His hand at work once again.

Blessings, Ann

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  1. Why do we make life so hard when if fact the simplicity is what Christ calls us to accept. Because we're human. Thank you for sharing...and have a peaceful Labor Day! Mollye