Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day  … what an amazing day this is!  Watching the Chilean miners being rescued from deep inside the earth after 69 days is so gratifying.  I cannot imagine how they and their families feel and the intense stress they must be under as each awaits their return to the land of  light and living once again.  At this point they are preparing to lift out the 29th miner.  Each reunion is a beautiful testament to love and faith and endurance … how fortunate we are to be able to witness these precious scenes.

The Chilean government is to be applauded not only for the feat of drilling the rescue tunnel but for all the planning that has gone into the execution of the actual rescues.  They have done an incredible job rescuing unbelievably strong and resilient men.

May God bless each of them and their families as they resume their lives together.

Blessings, Ann

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