Thursday, October 7, 2010


Provision … do I trust God to provide for my needs?  Isn’t that one of the most difficult things to hand over?  We all want to be secure … in our homes, in our jobs, with our health, with the condition of our families, in our finances.  And when we don’t have that feeling of security, it’s so easy to give in to the whispering in our ear from the devil that we’re going to lose everything, we cannot pay that bill, we will not survive the latest health scare, our children will not make it through this or that – and on and on he goes.

We end up being totally stressed out, tired and depressed and many times nothing bad has happened yet.  We’re rehearsing the worst-case scenario when we don’t even know if that is what is going to happen.  Most times our thought process is more frightening than the real thing.  If it sounds like I might know what I’m talking about, it’s because I’ve been there many times over the years.  And I got tired of going around that mountain over and over again so I’ve been working at letting go and letting God … be God. 

God is all powerful, all seeing, He knows the beginning from the end, He formed me, He chose me, He loves me and I chose to let Him take care of me and everything that concerns me and my family.  That’s my new mantra and I’m working hard to make it a part of my inner being.  Intellectually I know it is true but emotionally sometimes I can feel the old fears rising to the surface.  I’m learning to button it up and to think of whatever is good, is perfect, and is lovely as the Bible suggests. 

Such a book … filled with such wisdom … and  though we read it we often fail to put it into practice.  It was written for us – our instruction manual for life.  If there is a problem, it tells us how to handle it; if we are worried and upset, it gives us comfort; if we are lost, it gives us direction (like a spiritual GPS).  The words there are like gold … never losing their value … and to be desired above all else.  It is one of God’s great provision for our lives … we must remember to use it so we can walk a successful journey.

Blessings on your walk, Ann 

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