Friday, October 22, 2010


Solitude … aloneness, separateness, privacy, seclusion.  How often in today’s busy rush-rush world do we find times of solitude?  Why would we want to find it?  Is there a benefit to periods of aloneness?  Are we afraid to be alone with ourselves?

Working out our path through life requires times of privacy and seclusion so that we can look at our lives and see where it is that we have been and make course corrections for our future.  We need to come to know and understand who we are inside.  This kind of introspection takes time.  Time is a gift and one that we should learn to use wisely.  We all need to work; we all have projects we need to finish; we have goals we should be working toward; we have things we just want to do; but we also need time to be refreshed.

Not every waking minute of every day needs to be filled with activity.  Spending some quiet time thinking, reading, writing or just gazing at something beautiful and serene brings a sense of calmness and peace that is sorely needed by all of us in this 21st century.  

The old saying is “take time to smell the roses” … I would add to watch the birds soar, the ocean waves roll in, the sun come up or go down with all its painted beauty, the lacey pattern of sunlight streaming through the branches and leaves of a favorite tree,  or listen to the sound of your favorite soothing music.  Notice the beauty of the creation around you; take it in and make it a part of your being. 

Learn to enjoy a bit of time alone with your thoughts, your feelings, your desires – see who you are and if you are who you really want to be.  If not, make plans to alter your life in such a way that you can become who you want to be so you can fulfill your part in God’s plan for your life. 

May you enjoy your times of quietness,

See Mark 6:31-32; Matthew 14:23; Galatians 6:4


  1. Hi Ann: Thanks for visiting my blog. I've found a lot of inspiration from visiting yours. It speaks to my heart.

  2. Hello Ann
    I too need and enjoy those spells of solitude, to notice the incredible beauty around me or for meditation to restore my spirit.
    A wonderful post.
    Eve x (in the UK)