Friday, August 19, 2011

Unusual Accident

My husband and I went to Prescott, AZ, for an appointment on Wednesday ... it's almost a four-hour drive from Lake Havasu so we had plenty of time to both watch all the trucks going by and to pass a good many of them.  We remarked at how many trucks are on the roads and it goes on every day ... America on the move.

On our way home we were stopped on the highway for a while as an accident was being cleared away.

This is part of the debris on the side of the road ... note how small the pieces are ... it's as if they were put through a shredder!

This is what is left of the cab of the 18-wheeler that got hit by a piece of heavy equipment that flew off the bed of the 18-wheeler in front of it.  If this had been a car, there would have been nothing left.  Sorry I didn't get the whole cab but I didn't expect to see this and we were moving on before I grabbed a picture.

Directly to the right in the picture is the driver's part of the cab.  I have no idea what kind of injuries he sustained but I can't imagine that he got out without any.  It appeared that the straps holding the piece of equipment on the bed must have snapped and the piece just flew off the truck.  Scarey, especially when you consider how many trucks are on the road all the time.

Drive safely and keep safe!


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  1. My husband used to haul big machinery around Idaho and Utah. They're supposed to have all kinds of tie downs, chains and security measures in place. I used to just worry that he would be responsible for or involved in an accident. Any time I see a wreck in AZ it's as if the cars just explode. Scares the bejeebers out of me. I really don't like car wrecks. I'm glad you're safe. Have a good weekend.