Monday, August 8, 2011

What happened?

Oh, this is not good.  Here are some pictures of my plants taken this spring in Lake Havasu:

 See how full this asparagus fern is ...

And the crown of thorns has brightly colored flowers and deep green leaves ... the sedum is full and happy --

And now in August!

This is what is left of our two orange trees ... yep, the stick in the pot in the back WAS a tree!
What the rabbits didn't eat here, the heat has destroyed.
 We didn't intend to display just pots of dirt!

 This plant died with just one day of hot sun!
And here is the lush asparagus fern now!

And the sedum, what's left of it ... doesn't really look like a survivor to me but maybe ...

These are the only ones doing even half way decent --

The crown of thorns survives but both the flowers and leaves are faded ... actually this picture looks better than the actual plant today.

This guy is a survivor, but you can see why ... it's deadly to get close to it.  Those needles are sharp and have a crooked end that goes into you, but not out.  This is one even the rabbits leave alone.

And these two seem to be holding their own on the front patio in the shade where it still reaches 110 in the afternoon ...

So last week while I was in Walmart I thought I'd pick up a couple of heat hardy plants to add some color to the back patio figuring that anything that the garden department had now would be a survivor.  Well, guess what ... they didn't have anything!!  Guess that tells me something ... quit for the summer while I'm ahead.

I'm just going to have a glass of iced tea, choose a good book and chill until fall!  Stay cool, my friends. 



  1. Yup, looks awfully familiar! I just gave up.

  2. I'm chuckling, but in sympathy, empathy and I-have-the-same problem chuckle, not making fun. I have realized that death is the only result for anything living in AZ in July and August--including me, I think sometimes. I'm as parched and ugly as those plants. I wish I'd shrivel. I think I just get fatter as I wilt. (Can you do that?) It's bitterly hot!

  3. Can you bring the survivors into the air conditioned foyer or back hallway? Poor things. My heart goes out to all in the blazing West, people, wild animals and plants. Cindy