Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soooooo hot! And we have an offer ...

We're breaking temp records here in Lake Havasu -- four times last week with temps ranging from 117-119.  My sister and husband live in Florida and had been travelling this summer through the national parks here in the west.  They arrived the first of the hottest days and just left this morning for what they hope is cooler weather in Sedona.  As Brenda said, "it's just too hot here for us flatlanders".

We thought we were going to get some relief one evening when we saw this on the horizon but it went around us and the heat continues.

This is the sunset as the storm went by -- a feast for the eyes.

Sunday afternoon we braved the heat to visit the Channel -- this is the only way to spend an afternoon outside in Havasu.  Boats line up on both sides of the Channel and the occupants jump into the water and stay there!  Some enterprising boaters set up canopies on the edge of the water and set their chairs in the water -- that would be my cup of tea.

We have a good solid offer on the flip house and are awaiting the home inspection next week.  That's good news.  We had to change real estate agents because we were not getting any feedback or showings from the original agent.  He had the house listed for 70 days with no results.  We listed it with another motivated agent and she had an offer in 7 days.  I think she's a keeper!  I'll be missing the pool when it's gone but looks like I can enjoy it for the month of September.  Hopefully by then it will be a little cooler.

I'm trying once more with a few flowers -- so far I've managed to keep these alive for a week!!  We'll see how long they last; I'm trying to be very good to them and baby them along so maybe I can make a month.  Wish me luck.

Stay cool --



  1. Yay! So glad to hear you've got an offer, what a relief, huh? Your vincas look so much better than mine. Can't wait to be able to plant my next flowers.

  2. Well, this heat is just disgusting. You are even hotter than us...I'm sick of it! I give up on having anything GREEN. I'm gonna spray paint my dead plants green and call it good.