Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bits & Pieces

We had rain!

Real storm clouds with real rain in them!

Oh, how nice!  Woke up to a thundershower around 4 AM and when I got up to have my tea on the patio it was only in the low 80's!

My oldest son and I went to lunch on Monday to celebrate his birthday and I want one of these waterfall walls in my house.  It's so cooling just to walk by it; how nice that would be in my living or dining room.  I need a bigger house and more moola!  (Just click on the arrow to start the video -- it takes a minute to load)

On to another subject -- my laundry -- noticed recently that my whites weren't quite as bright as I would like them and I hesitate to use chlorine bleach unless I absolutely have to so I tried this washing powder as an additive to my laundry load and it's great. Everything is fresh smelling and bright and it's safe for colors, too.  And it's reasonably priced.  I plan to use it every few weeks to keep things sparkling.

You use it in conjunction with your regular laundry detergent -- I happen to have Arm & Hammer at the moment because it was on sale and works fine but you can use the washing powder with any detergent.

Also, for years I've used the Spray & Wash stick to pre-treat my laundry for stains -- works especially well on food and grease stains BUT it seems to have disappeared from the market so now I'm going to try Resolve spray made by the same company.  Hopefully it works as well.

We're off to Las Vegas this afternoon; my husband has to work on a firewall up there at midnight tonight (yuck) and I'm going up for the ride and the night away.  We'll have the evening together for a nice dinner and maybe some slots, then he'll have to take a nap to get ready for his nighttime work while I read, veg out and snooze.  Tomorrow we'll have some time for him to rest in the morning (I hope), a nice lunch, some shopping and an safe ride home.

Make it a great day!

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  1. Enjoy your trip to Vegas, hope you get the realxation you're looking for. Vegas is not the most relaxing place on Earth. Find a quiet corner. I'll have to try the washing powder, I'm seeing not so white whites here too.