Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great cleaner ...

Here in Lake Havasu our water is loaded with minerals.  Our rental home has both a water softener and an RO water system to deal with the hard water.  And I still get spots and mineral buildup on faucets, sinks, etc.  I've tried any number of various cleaners made to remove mineral deposits and find them lacking -- the spots stay in place.

While cleaning my glass top stove with Weiman's Glasstop Stove Cleaner -- I decided to give a swipe to my refrigerator's in-door ice and water dispenser area since the little tray that catches water had done its job and caught the drips of water and left hardened minerals behind as a little "gift" for me.  To my surprise with a bit of elbow grease the built-up minerals disappeared and the frig has returned to its original shiny condition.

Amazing ... doesn't that look nice?

Well, since it's gotten a bit cooler here I've taken to sitting on my patio for breakfast and lunch and sometimes a reading break.  We have one of those curley-q hose misting devices and I had it turned on for added cooling.  The mist covered my glass-top patio table and left a dull mess and some mineral deposits even though it was left only overnight.    So I tried Weiman's cleaner on it and voila -- a really shiny table that reflects everything around.

I like this stuff -- next stop will be my bathroom sinks and faucets and if the fiberglass tub surrounds get dull, I'll try it there too.

Just wipe it on with a paper towel, scrub a bit on the stubborn places and wipe off the residue with a clean paper towel.  If any gets onto surrounding surfaces that are textured and it remains, use a damp cloth to wipe the residue off.  I haven't tried any other brand although I do have a couple of different ones in my pantry but I've seen Weiman's in Walmart so it should be readily available for anyone who wants to give it a try.

That's it -- hope it works well for you.

Make it a happy day --Blessings,


  1. Thanks. I have the mister on all the time for the dog and all our patio furniture has the mister residue. I'll try it. I've lost the will to clean outdoors, but I'll make myself give 'er a whirl.

  2. Hi Ann...I will have to look for this cleaner. We have the horrible hard water too. My hubs hates when the ice and water dispenser looks grubby....
    Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon! Have a great week!!

  3. Hi Ann - I have some of this cleaner and we have really hard water - well water. I'll try it out elsewhere in the cottage. Let me know if you have any trouble posting for Reality Shot Thursday.