Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City

We had a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas ... must admit I'm not a big city girl anymore.  I lived over 30 years in Boston after having grown up in a little town in Vermont.  I liked living in the city and from Boston we moved to San Diego where we lived on our sailboat for five years and I liked San Diego, too.  Then we lived in Tucson -- much smaller than either Boston or San Diego -- and Tucson is just about the right size city.  Now we're in Lake Havasu and it's a wee bit small in that we're very limited in our store selections but we are getting a Ross store soon and that will be good.  It is SO easy to get around here though that I'm getting spoiled ... just hop in the car and everything is ten minutes or less away.

So here are the bright lights --

And this is just the best -- the fountains at the Bellagio -- just click on the arrow

The casinos are noisy and smokey ... there was a good band at the Indigo Club at Ballys playing 80's music but we couldn't stay long because hubby had to leave for work at 10 PM.  He got back to the room around 2:30 AM -- one tired puppy.  Dinner was nice at La Provenchal in the covered strip between Bally's and Paris -- Italian food nicely done and singing waiters.

Back home in Havasu it's getting a wee bit cooler here most days ... staying below 110!  Have a great weekend!

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