Friday, November 25, 2011

A Comedy of Mishaps

My husband and I did a little shopping Wednesday afternoon and then stopped for an early supper before heading home -- or so we planned.  As we backed out of our parking space we noticed a strong smell of gas and assumed it was the SUV passing behind us.  But as we moved  about 50 feet forward the fumes only became stronger -- so we stopped and hopped out of the car immediately.  A quick check under the front of the vehicle showed gas just pouring out onto the ground.  We we moved the car into the closest space and turned it off.  Looks like one of the fuel injectors disconnected from the rail and just let the gas pour through.   Fortunately we didn't blow up (now that's something to be grateful for!) and AAA towed us home.  Today my husband and son have their work cut out for them seeing if they can make the repair.

While I was baking my pies on Tuesday my crust did not want to come together nicely as it normally does and I have no idea why but it was a struggle to get the two apple pies made and baked.  They came out okay but not as pretty as they usually are.  Fortunately just family was coming so it would be ok.  However, as they were cooling I needed to get the sugar canister out of the cabinet above the cooling rack and wouldn't you know -- I dropped it right into the top of one of the pies!   Didn't affect the taste but certainly didn't do anything for its looks!

On Thanksgiving day the family had congregated outside on the patio while I was preparing desserts for the table so they all came rushing in when they heard my exclamation of woe.  The pumpkin chocolate cheesecake that I had just finished cutting into slices slid off the serving plate and onto the chair next to where I was standing!!  So it ended up not looking so good either.  Woe is me!

But we had a great Thanksgiving meal enjoyed by all and are looking forward to a year of blessings and leftovers tonight!

Make it a great day!

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  1. You certainly know how to roll with the punches. I'd be in tears. You are a trooper. Glad everything turned out OK. Enjoy the weekend.