Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reality Thursday -- Yard Sale

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Well, today and tomorrow are the days for my yard sale.  One vehicle has been consigned to the yard and the garage is full of "stuff" that we no longer have room for and needs a new home.  I've already taken carloads of stuff to the hospice thrift store before I decided to have this sale.  Yikes!  Where does it all come from?

We had a family room and a formal living room in our other home -- now we're down to just one so this sectional has to go.  Same thing with the dining table and chairs below -- it was in our kitchen nook; now it's homeless.

I wonder what my chances are for getting rid of everything!  Wish me luck ...



  1. Wishing you good luck, and when you are finished donate like crazy. I sometimes put good stuff on the edge of my lawn with a big FREE sign but only in good weather (no rain/snow). Thanks for checking out my post.
    - Joy

  2. Best of luck, Ann! Goodness you have a lot of great things - I bet it will all be snapped up.

    Thanks so much for joining in!


  3. I'm dreading the day when we downsize and I have to get rid of lots of "stuff".
    If I lived nearer to you I'd buy the pair of lamps!