Monday, November 28, 2011

Moving Stuff ... again

Since we discovered termites inside our garage when we moved some things out for the yard sale, our landlord has scheduled an appointment for termite treatment for tomorrow.  That meant that all the garage items I moved two weeks ago to check for yard sale items had to be moved again, this time to the center of the garage floor.

Since I pulled a muscle in my back last week just lifting one little box the wrong way, my husband got to spend part of his vacation time moving boxes and stuff.

So here it sits now in the middle of the floor

Holes have to be drilled all around the inside perimeter of the garage so everything except the work bench and freezer had to be pulled away from the walls.

And then -- we get to move it all back again so hubby's car can come back into the garage.

Does the fun ever end?  Since they're going to be pumping gallons of chemicals into the ground around the house for at least half a day, I've made plans to go shopping.  Isn't that  what we girls do when the going gets rough!

Blessings on your day ...

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  1. I think I'd check into some snazzy hotel and make a day and a night out of it. All those chemicals call for that, I'm sure. Have a nice dinner. Go out to a movie. It'll be fun. It's a termite vacay!!