Saturday, November 19, 2011


The yard sale was a success and there is some open space in the garage ... the sectional sofa was the first item to go ... yeah!

Before the yard sale I went out into the boat deep section of the garage and moved all these boxes and tools around to see if there was anything that I wanted to sell ... then I arranged them all in an order that makes sense to me (and probably only me but that's ok) and which takes up less space.  No problem.

Last winter I packed our entire house alone since my husband was working out of town -- 138 boxes ... no problem!

Then this Wednesday I noticed a collapsed box -- it wasn't full and taped up and I had put another box on top and so the bottom box fell in and everything on top fell over.  So I took a minute to pick up and re-arrange them so it wouldn't happen again.  When I turned and bent over to pick up the last box ... OUCH!  Pulled a muscle in my low back.  Yuck.

So I was "good" and immediately stopped what I was doing for the day, took some ibuprofen and sat with my heating pad and a good book, and next morning it did feel much better so I went to make the bed ... oh, oh ...

So today I'm feeling worse than I felt yesterday ... this going backwards stuff is for the birds.  Now I'm going to be really careful ... I've got Thanksgiving dinner to cook this week and the prep baking to do.  I've learned my lesson ... I will NOT be lifting the 18 lb. bird or anything else until this completely heals.

And the wonderful "PS" to all this moving of boxes ... we found termite tunnels going up the garage wall and so the landlord is having the termite company come and treat the house.  EVERYTHING in the garage has to be moved to the center of the floor so they can drill holes and treat the inside of the garage as well as the outside of the house.  It had not been treated before.  Oh dear ... all that work for nothing and now we get to do it again.  They're coming the Tuesday after Thanksgiving ... something to look forward to!

Hope your preparations go well and Thanksgiving is a blessed time for you.


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  1. Look at you all positive and happy even in the face of termites and back pain and having to move all of those boxes AGAIN. You win the optimistic prize. I could never equal your good spirits.